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Special Note Regarding News Reports and Links

"Time added to 2008 allows for longer smooch."
CNN 2008 Dec. 31.

David, Leonard. "Future of Commercial Spaceflight Uncertain, But Promising."
Yahoo/ 2008 Dec. 31.

Yeager, Ashley. "Infrared telescope near its end."
Nature Journal On-Line 2008 Dec. 30.

"Space Spotlight: Solar winds strip Venus."
CNN 2008 Dec. 30.

Borenstein, Seth. "NASA reports graphic details of Columbia deaths."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Dec. 30.

"NASA Report Reviews Crew Safety Measures During Columbia Accident,
Recommends Improvements."

NASA 2008 Dec. 30.

LaRussa, Tony. "Children's Hospital donates lab to Carnegie Museum."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Dec. 30.

Beatty, Kelly. "China Breaks Ground for Giant Radio Dish."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Dec. 29.

"Mars Rovers Near Five Years Of Science And Discovery."
NASA 2008 Dec. 29.

"NASA TV To Air Space Station Crew's New Year's Message."
NASA 2008 Dec. 29.

Fox, Maggie. "Researchers unlock secrets of 1918 flu pandemic."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Dec. 29.

Viegas, Jennifer. "How Visiting Your Family Warps Your Brain."
Discovery Channel 2008 Dec. 29.

Chang, Alicia. "Death Valley works to preserve night sky."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Dec. 26.

Riley, Dr Christopher. "Happy Birthday Earthrise."
BBC 2008 Dec. 24.

"Spain’s Biggest Meteorite Strike Remembered 150 Years On."
Science Daily 2008 Dec. 24.

"Passage Graves From An Astronomical Perspective."
Science Daily 2008 Dec. 24.

Phillips, Dr. Tony. "NASA's Gift to Mr. Claus."
NASA 2008 Dec. 24.

Pitz, Marylynne. "Financial shortfall forces history center cutbacks."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Dec. 24.

"NASA Response to Aviation Week and Space Technology Article."
NASA 2008 Dec. 23.

"NASA Awards Space Station Commercial Resupply Services Contracts."
NASA 2008 Dec. 23.

Brice, Arthur. "Apollo 8 astronauts remember historic voyage."
CNN 2008 Dec. 22.
40 years ago, first humans to orbit the Moon.

"Next NASA Moon Mission Completes Major Milestone."
NASA 2008 Dec. 22.

Phillips, Dr. Tony. "Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt."
NASA 2008 Dec. 22.

"NASA Television Commemorates Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Broadcast."
NASA 2008 Dec. 22.

"Pope praises Galileo's astronomy."
BBC 2008 Dec. 21.

Kniazkov, Maxim. "Obama signals break with Bush in new science team."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Dec. 20.

Lorie, Anouk. "From military device to life-saving surgery tool."
CNN 2008 Dec. 19.

"Hubble Status Report."
NASA 2008 Dec. 19.

"Polyimide Foam Named NASA Commercial Invention Of 2007."
NASA 2008 Dec. 19.

"Space Station Crew Marks 40th Anniversary of First Human Moon Trip."
NASA 2008 Dec. 18.

NASA 2008 Dec. 16.

"Solar Flare Surprise."
NASA 2008 Dec. 15.

"Saturn's Dynamic Moon Enceladus Shows More Signs of Activity."
NASA 2008 Dec. 15.

"NASA'S Stennis Space Center To Test Rocket Engine For Taurus II."
NASA 2008 Dec. 15.

"Commercial space station finds first customers."
New Scientist Magazine 2008 Dec. 15: 25.

"Found: The Dimmest Bulbs in Space."
Yahoo/ 2008 Dec. 15.

Satter, Raphael G. "Scientist says he has found oldest spider web."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Dec. 15.

"More than 1,000 species discovered in Mekong: WWF."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Dec. 15.

Walton, Marsha. "Scientists baffled by mysterious acorn shortage."
CNN 2008 Dec. 12.

Kluger, Jeffrey. "Does Obama Want to Ground NASA's Next Moon Mission?"
Time Magazine On-Line 2008 Dec. 11.

Gardner, Simon. "Patagonia Indian tribe faces extinction."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Dec. 10.

"Hubble Telescope Finds Carbon Dioxide on an Extrasolar Planet."
NASA 2008 Dec. 9.

"Biggest Full Moon of the Year." Dec. 12.
NASA 2008 Dec. 9.

"Wait a second: 2008 gets extended by timekeepers."
KYW-AM 1060 News Radio, Philadelphia/AP 2008 Dec. 8.
"Leap Second" slated for New Year's Eve at 6:59:60 p.m. EST.

"Meteor Brightens Night Sky, Fireball Spotted Across Front Range."
KMGH-TV 7, Denver 2008 Dec. 5.

"NASA Assigns Astronaut Crews for Future Space Shuttle Missions."
NASA 2008 Dec. 5.

Cronin, Mike. "RiverQuest boat wins top environmental award."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Dec. 5.

"China, Russia to send probes to Mars next year."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Dec. 4.

"Return of the Leonids."
NASA 2008 Dec. 4.

"NASA Sets Target Shuttle Launch Date for Hubble Servicing Mission."
NASA 2008 Dec. 4.

"Next NASA Mars Mission Rescheduled for 2011."
NASA 2008 Dec. 4.

Additional County Funding Spurs Planning for New Science Building
on North Side Campus of Community College of Allegheny County
(About five blocks from original Buhl Planetarium)
"County Council OKs additional $1.9 million for CCAC."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Dec. 4.
"CCAC will use $1.9M for programs, buildings."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Dec. 4.

"Ancient Flying Reptile Bigger Than a Car."
Yahoo/ 2008 Dec. 4.

"Whales, Dolphins Stranded In Noisy Seas
Man-Made Noises Crowding Out Communication;
Activists Targeting Japanese Whalers."

CBS/AP 2008 Dec. 3.

Ritter, Malcolm. "Study illuminates star explosion from 16th century."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Dec. 3.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission STS-126 to the
International Space Station Commanded by
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Native Chris Ferguson

2008 November

"NASA Invites Students to Name New Mars Rover."
NASA 2008 Nov. 18.

Klinkenborg, Verlyn. "Light Pollution, Our Vanishing Night."
National Geographic Magazine 2008 November.
Johns, Chris. Editor's Note
National Geographic Magazine 2008 November.
( November Magazine Cover)

Curry, Andrew. "Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple?"
Smithsonian Magazine 2008 November.

Smalley Bowen, Ted. "CASE STUDY: Boston Children’s Museum
Small Footprint, Small Clientele: Boston’s children’s museum
broadens its green agenda with sustainable renovation and expansion."

Green Source Magazine 2008 November.

Pearlman, Robert Z. ""Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands Safely in California."
Yahoo/ 2008 Nov. 30.

Antczak, John. "Space shuttle Endeavour begins descent to Calif.."
Yahoo/ 2008 Nov. 30.

"NASA hopes to land space shuttle today."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/AP 2008 Nov. 30.

"New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf."
CNN 2008 Nov. 29.

Guo, David. "As winter approaches, local weather-forecasting operation gets busy."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Nov. 28.

Rao, Joe. "Spectacular Sky Scene Monday Evening."
Yahoo/ 2008 Nov. 26.

"Indian lunar orbiter hit by heat rise."
CNN 2008 Nov. 26.

Borenstein, Seth. "Plumes spewing from Saturn moon may contain water."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Nov. 26.

"Second Group of Mercury Craters Named."
MESSENGER Mission News 2008 Nov. 26.

"Spectacular Conjunction." Dec. 1.
NASA 2008 Nov. 24.

"NASA Prepares for New Juno Mission to Jupiter."
NASA 2008 Nov. 24.

"Galaxy collisions may cause starry arms."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 23.

"Darwin's evolution theory events to begin in January."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 22.

"Solar Wind Rips Up Martian Atmosphere."
NASA 2008 Nov. 21.

Scislowska, Monika. "Scientists say Copernicus' remains, grave found."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Nov. 20.

"NASA Spacecraft Detects Buried Glaciers on Mars."
NASA 2008 Nov. 20.

"Racers Get Ready! NASA's Great Moonbuggy Registration Begins."
NASA 2008 Nov. 20.

"Goldman Named Director at Stennis Space Center."
NASA 2008 Nov. 20.

"NASA, ATK Successfully Test First Orion Launch Abort Motor."
NASA 2008 Nov. 20.

Pabst, Georgia. "Discovery World cutting staff 15%, budget 20%."
Milwakee Journal Sentinel 2008 Nov. 19.

"Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object."
NASA 2008 Nov. 19.
Link 1 *** Link 2

"NASA And DOE Collaborate On Dark Energy Research."
NASA 2008 Nov. 19.

Fox, Maggie. "Mammoth genome sequence may explain extinction."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Nov. 19.

"NASA Invites Students to Name New Mars Rover."
NASA 2008 Nov. 18.

"NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet."
NASA 2008 Nov. 18.

"NASA's QuikSCAT Ocean-Observing Satellite Mission Honored."
NASA 2008 Nov. 18.

Dunham, Will. "Tiny, long-lost primate rediscovered in Indonesia."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Nov. 18.

"IMLS and China Strengthen Cross-cultural Connections."
Institute of Museum and Library Services 2008 Nov. 18.

"Mission to Hubble - Making Hubble More Powerful Than Ever
Science Instrument Control and Data Handler (SIC&DH) Update."

NASA 2008 Nov. 17.

"NASA Satellites Capture Images of Southern California Wildfires."
NASA 2008 Nov. 17.

"NASA Receives First Stage Rocket Hardware for Ares I-X Test Flight."
NASA 2008 Nov. 17.

Sorrel, Charlie. "Five Gadgets That Were Killed by the Cellphone."
Wired Magazine On-Line 2008 Nov. 17.

"Nations Around the World Mark 10th Anniversary of International Space Station."
NASA 2008 Nov. 17.

Gerwig, Ashley. "Budding scientist selected to visit NASA flight center, Kennedy Space Center."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Nov. 16.

Pelling, Nick. Review of “The Long Route to the Invention of the Telescope." 2008 Nov. 16.

"NASA Offers New Science Teaching Certificate Project."
NASA 2008 Nov. 14.

"NASA Restores Historic Lunar Orbiter Image."
NASA 2008 Nov. 13.

"NASA Tests Lunar Rovers and Oxygen Production Technology."
NASA 2008 Nov. 13.

"Hubble Directly Observes a Planet Orbiting Another Star."
NASA 2008 Nov. 13.

"Upcoming Space Shuttle Mission Carries NASA Glenn Experiments and Hardware."
NASA 2008 Nov. 12.

"Endeavour shuttle ready for Friday launch: NASA."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Nov. 12.

Cronin, Mike. "Emsworth native at home on space station."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 12.

"NASA'S Carbon-Sniffing Satellite Sleuth Arrives at Launch Site."
NASA 2008 Nov. 12.

Yost, Pete. "Court rules for Navy in dispute over sonar, whales."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Nov. 12.

Atkinson, Nancy. "Forgotten Apollo Data Could Solve Moon Dust Problem." 2008 Nov. 10.

"NASA Begins Hunt for New Meteor Showers."
NASA 2008 Nov. 10.

"Public Invited to NASA Glenn for Launch
to Make International Space Station Home Improvements."

NASA 2008 Nov. 10.

"Mars Phoenix Lander Finishes Successful Work on Red Planet."
NASA 2008 Nov. 10.

"NASA To Test Motor For Orion Crew Capsule's Launch Abort System."
NASA 2008 Nov. 10.

Fleming, Adam. "Broken Bats
A mysterious disease that has killed thousands of bats
may have settled in Western Pennsylvania caves.

Pittsburgh City Paper 2008 Nov. 6.

"First Rocket Parts Of NASA's New Launch System Arrive In Florida."
NASA 2008 Nov. 4.

"NASA Selects Astronomy Student Ambassadors."
NASA 2008 Nov. 4.

"Steve Eases Online Searches of Museum Web Sites."
Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services 2008 Nov.

"NASA TV to Air New Space Station Crew Message About Voting."
NASA 2008 Nov. 3.

Krift, F.A. "City councilman to thank for daylight saving time."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 2.

"Science Center offers Hubble photo exhibition."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 2.

Koop, David. "Mexico City's 'water monster' nears extinction."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Nov. 2.

Cronin, Mike. "CMU pushes into frontiers of 'cloud computing'."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Nov. 1.

Misch, Anthony and William Sheehan. The Mount Wilson 60-inch ws the First Great Reflector for the Imaging Age."
Sky and Telescope Magazine 2008 November.
The Carnegie Institution of Washington agreed to begin funding Mt. Wilson Observatory
facilities and research on 1904 Dec. 20; Andrew Carnegie visited Mt. Wilson
Observatory on 1910 March 17.

Malik, Tariq. "Space Station Trash Plunging to Earth."
Yahoo/ 2008 Oct. 31.

"Two US astronauts to cast votes from space."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Oct. 31.

Rao, Joe. "Meteor Shower Could Spur Bright Fireballs."
Yahoo/ 2008 Oct. 31.

Swan, Lisa. "'War of the Worlds' terrified the nation 70 years ago."
Daily News, New York 2008 Oct. 30.
Original coverage of radio broadcast:
Dixon, George. "Fake War on Radio Spreads Panic Over U.S."
Daily News, New York 1938 Oct. 31.
More information.

"NASA Managers Delay Hubble Servicing Mission."
NASA 2008 Oct. 30.

"NASA Gives "Go" for Space Shuttle Launch on Nov. 14."
NASA 2008 Oct. 30.

Phillips, Dr. Tony. "Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth."
NASA 2008 Oct. 30.

"NASA And Korea Sign Statement Of Intent For Future Cooperation."
NASA 2008 Oct. 30.

"MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury."
NASA 2008 Oct. 29.

"NASA Measurements Show Greenhouse Gas Methane on the Rise Again."
NASA 2008 Oct. 29.

Cheng, Maria. "French try plane technology in artificial heart."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 29.

"To Pluto, with postage:
Nine mementos fly with NASA's first mission to the last planet." 2008 Oct. 28.

"Halloween Sky Show."
NASA 2008 Oct. 28.

"NASA Orbiter Reveals Details of a Wetter Mars."
NASA 2008 Oct. 28.

"NASA-Enhanced Dust Storm Predictions to Aid Health Community."
NASA 2008 Oct. 28.

Boyd, Robert S. "Evidence found of solar system around nearby star."
Yahoo/McClatchy Newspapers 2008 Oct. 27.

Eckel, Mike. "Tourist: Entrepreneurs need access to space center."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 27.

"Mine from time of King Solomon found."
Yaho0/AP 2008 Oct. 27.

"Official Statement on the Role of Planetariums in Education."
International Planetarium Society 2008 October.

Zapf, Karen. "Langley's passion for flight began at Allegheny Observatory."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Oct. 26.

"Italian satellite launched from California."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 25.

Belko, Mark. "Buhl Building rehab unveiled."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Oct. 24.
2008 Oct. 24 is also 69th anniversary of Pittsburgh's original
Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science, constructed by
the Buhl Foundation after the death of Henry Buhl, Jr.
Lowry, Patricia. "Buhl Building ready for its closeup."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 July 4.
Six-floor office building at 200 Fifth Avenue (corner of Fifth Avenue and
Market Street, Downtown), purchased by Henry Buhl, Jr. in 1923 (built
ten years earlier), whose Buhl Foundation built Buhl Planetarium in 1939.

Le, Phuong. "Researchers: 7 orcas missing from Puget Sound."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 25.

"Space tourist returns from $30M orbital trip."
CNN 2008 Oct. 24.
"Expedition 17 Crew Returns From International Space Station."
NASA 2008 Oct. 23.
Walsh, Glenn. "Fw: New Crew Blasts Off for International Space Station." E-Mail List Message.
South Hills Backyard Astronomers 2008 Oct. 13.
Crew includes Richard Garriott, son of former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott
(first son of a former U.S. astronaut to fly into space), and NASA veteran
astronaut E. Michael Fincke, who credits Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium
for his interest in becoming an astronaut.
More information and mission updates

"Stephen Hawking to retire from academic post."
CNN/AP 2008 Oct. 24.

"Study: Warm hands do make warm hearts."
CNN/AP 2008 Oct. 23.

"Nine Mementos Headed to the Ninth Planet."
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2008 Oct. 23.

"NASA's Next Moon Mission Begins Thermal Vacuum Test."
NASA 2008 Oct. 23.

"Greek Stone Age household remains found intact: ministry."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Oct. 23.

Gormly, Kellie B. "Science center event teaches ins and outs of chemistry."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Oct. 23.

Thompson, Andrea. "Laser could aid search for life on Mars."
USA Today On-Line/ 2008 Oct. 22.

"Phoenix ready to analyze Mars soil samples."
UPI 2008 Oct. 22.

"India launches first moon mission."
CNN 2008 Oct. 22.

"NASA's Shuttle Endeavour Moves to Launch Pad, Practice Liftoff Set."
NASA 2008 Oct. 22.

"The Case of the Missing Gamma-ray Bursts."
NASA 2008 Oct. 22.

"NASA And The Challenger Center Announce Naming Contest."
NASA 2008 Oct. 22.

"Scotch tape's surprising power: X-rays."
CNN/AP 2008 Oct. 22.

Beatty, Kelly. "Light Pollution in the Spotlight."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Oct. 21.

"The Oddball Hosts of Gamma-ray Bursts."
NASA 2008 Oct. 21.

Vogel, Carol. "Museums Fear Lean Days Ahead."
The New York Times 2008 Oct. 19.

"Lunar Lander Teams To Compete For $2 Million NASA Prize."
NASA 2008 Oct. 17.

"Hubble Status Report #3."
NASA 2008 Oct. 17.

"Greek scientists use lasers to clean Acropolis."
Yahoo/Reuters 2008 Oct. 17.

"Gamma-ray Bursts: The Mystery Continues."
NASA 2008 Oct. 16.

"NASA's Fermi Telescope Discovers First Gamma-Ray-Only Pulsar."
NASA 2008 Oct. 16.

"Hubble Status Report #2."
NASA 2008 Oct. 16.

"Hubble Status Report #1."
NASA 2008 Oct. 15.

Borenstein, Seth. "Scientists view both Obama, McCain as supportive."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 15.

Borenstein, Seth. "NASA to start long distance repairs on Hubble."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Oct. 15.

Heinrichs, Allison M. "CMU shoots for moon with beetle-like rover."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Oct. 15.

"Having a ball with helper 'bots on Mars."
CNN/Popular Science Magazine 2008 Oct. 15.

Vanden Brook, Tom. "Pentagon Envisions Spaceship Troopers." Today 2008 Oct. 15.

"India's lunar spacecraft positioned on rocket." 2008 Oct. 15.

Hsu, Jeremy. "Europe Aims For Re-entry Spacecraft."
Yahoo/ 2008 Oct. 15.


Declaring Saturday, October 11, 2008 "Langley High School Day." Proclamation.
Pittsburgh City Council 2008 Oct. 14.
Related Information

Congratulating Langley High School Alumni Association on Tenth Anniversary. Proclamation.
Pittsburgh City Council 2008 Oct. 14.
Related Information

Langley High School, opened in Pittsburgh in April of 1923, was named for
Western University of Pennsylvania (now the University of Pittsburgh)
Astronomy Professor Samuel Pierpont Langley who directed the original
Allegheny Observatory for 25 years.


Thomas, Mary. "'Sensational year' for Carnegie Museums, says CEO Hillenbrand."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Oct. 14.

"NASA to Webcast IBEX Spacecraft Launch on Pegasus Rocket Oct. 19."
NASA 2008 Oct. 14.

"NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis Rolls Off Launch Pad Monday."
NASA 2008 Oct. 14.

"NASA Releases Documentary Celebrating Agency's First 50 Years."
NASA 2008 Oct. 14.

"Oldest Full-Body Insect Fossil Found."
Yahoo/ 2008 Oct. 14.

"Space tourist returns from $30M orbital trip."
CNN 2008 Oct. 24.
"Expedition 17 Crew Returns From International Space Station."
NASA 2008 Oct. 23.
Walsh, Glenn. "Fw: New Crew Blasts Off for International Space Station." E-Mail List Message.
South Hills Backyard Astronomers 2008 Oct. 13.
Crew includes Richard Garriott, son of former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott
(first son of a former U.S. astronaut to fly into space), and NASA veteran
astronaut E. Michael Fincke, who credits Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium
for his interest in becoming an astronaut. Buhl Planetarium celebrated 69th anniversary
of dedication on 2008 Oct. 24.
More information and mission updates

Santoni, Matthew. "High-tech explorers search Mon for elusive B-25."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Oct. 11.

Bell, Trudy E. "Liquid Mirror Telescopes on the Moon."
NASA 2008 Oct. 9.

"NASA Issues Space Shuttle to Constellation Workforce Transition Report."
NASA 2008 Oct. 8.

Controversy regarding Senator John McCain's remarks, during the second presidential
debate, regarding requested Federal funding for an "overhead projector" at
Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
- 2008 Oct. 7.

Hsu, Jeremy. "Spacecraft Reveals Stunning New Views of Mercury."
Yahoo/ 2008 Oct. 7.

"NASA Astronaut Talks With Student Chess Opponents Thursday."
NASA 2008 Oct. 7.

Editorial: "A Little Less Light."
The New York Times 2008 Oct. 6.

Atkinson, Nancy. "Astronaut Diary Survives Columbia Accident." 2008 Oct. 6.

"NASA Spacecraft Ready to Explore Outer Solar System."
NASA 2008 Oct. 6.

"NASA And The Adler Planetarium Host NASA Future Forum In Chicago."
NASA 2008 Oct. 6.

Boren, Jeremy. "Historian focuses on telescope pioneer Brashear."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Sept. 29.
Also reprinted --
Boren, Jeremy. "Historian Focuses on Telescope Pioneer Brashear."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Sept. 29.

"MESSENGER Returns to Mercury."
NASA 2008 Oct. 1.

"NASA Extends International Space Station Contract."
NASA 2008 Oct. 1.

"Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age."
NASA 2008 Sept. 30.

Thompson, Andrea. "Earth's Air Divided by Chemical Equator."
Yahoo/ 2008 Sept. 30.

"Cabana to Succeed Parsons as Kennedy Space Center Director."
NASA 2008 Sept. 30.

Malik, Tariq. "Hubble Space Telescope Suffers Serious Failure."
Yahoo/ 2008 Sept. 29.

"MIT scientists move closer to 'artificial noses'."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Sept. 29.

"Five Museums and Five Libraries to Receive Nation’s Highest Honor
at White House Ceremony."

IMLS 2008 Sept. 29.

"Astronaut takes China's first spacewalk."
CNN 2008 Sept. 27.

"Hurricane watch for Maine as Kyle heads north."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 27.

Rotstein, Gary. "Gloomy day: It's end of the line for 936-1212."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Sept. 27.
Wood, Anthony R. "Time and temperature numbers to end in Phila."
The Philadelphia Inquirer 2008 Sept. 26.
Verizon, successor to the Bell Telephone Company, ends weather and time telephone
answering systems after decades of service, due to changes in technology.
Weather answering systems operated by National Weather Service (Pittsburgh: 412-262-2170)
and Time/Temperature service operated by Duquesne Light (412-391-9500) continue.

"Correction: Einstein's Telescope story."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 26.
Ohm, Shawna. "Now viewing: Long-lost Einstein telescope restored."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 23.

"Next on NOVA: Sputnik Declassified."
PBS 2008 Sept. 26.
This NOVA episode airs on most PBS stations Tue., Sept. 30, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

"NASA Astronaut in Space Challenges Earthlings in Chess Match."
NASA 2008 Sept. 26.

"Wanted: amateurs to help track earthquakes."
CNN/AP 2008 Sept. 26.

"NASA again postpones Atlantis trip to Hubble." 2008 Sept. 25.

Beatty, Kelly. "The Solar Wind Takes a Breather."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Sept. 25.

"California science museum reopens with green theme."
CNN/AP 2008 Sept. 24.

"Mars polar cap mystery solved."
ESA 2008 Sept, 22.

Heinrichs, Allison M. "City's parks offer urban relief."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Sept. 21.
Highlights, with photos, Frick Park, Allegheny Observatory
in Riverview Park, and Carnegie Lake in Schenley Park.

Spillman, Christian. "Economic crisis threatens EU measures on climate change."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Sept. 21.

Scott, Michael. "Algae again in bloom in Lake Erie."
The Plain Dealer, Cleveland 2008 Sept. 20.

Higgins, Alexander G. "CERN: Damage to new collider forces 2-month halt."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 20.

"NASA's Swift Catches Farthest-Ever Gamma-Ray Burst."
NASA 2008 Sept. 20.

"New dwarf planet named Haumea for Hawaiian goddess."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 19.

Dunn, Marcia. "Rescue shuttle at launch pad for Hubble trip."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 19.

"Space Shuttle Endeavour Moves To Launch Pad 39B."
NASA 2008 Sept. 19.

"Pollen Alert!"
NASA 2008 Sept. 19.

Pelling, Nick. "Review of “On Tycho’s Island”..." 2008 Sept. 19.

"NASA's Johnson Space Center To Reopen Monday After Ike."
NASA 2008 Sept. 18.

"Controversy over telescope origin."
BBC 2008 Sept. 16.

Farrington, Brendan. "McCain says Obama didn't call Palin a pig."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 15.
Includes the statement by Senator McCain, regarding Senator Obama:
"And when you look at some of the planetariums and other foolishness that
he asked for, he shouldn't be saying anything about Governor Palin."

"High-resolution satellite launched in California."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 7.

Shalaway, Scott. "Wildlife: Bat deaths remain a mystery." Column.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Sept. 7.

"Rocket fuel experiment by NASA engineer blows up."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 7.

"Statement of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin on Aug. 18 Email."
NASA 2008 Sept. 7.

"Emails from NASA head show discontent."
UPI 2008 Sept. 7.

"China counts down to third manned space launch."
Boston Globe/Reuters 2008 Sept. 6.

Schiefer, Katrin and George Frey. "Spacecraft flies by remote asteroid, camera stops."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Sept. 6.

"NASA Changes 2008 Shuttle Target Launch Dates, Schedules TCDT ."
NASA 2008 Sept. 5.

"NASA to Explore "Secret Layer" of the Sun."
NASA 2008 Sept. 5.

Min Neo, Hui. "Melting Swiss glacier yields Neolithic trove, climate secrets."
Yahoo/AFP 2008 Sept. 5.

"Barack Obama answers 14 top science questions." 2008 Aug. 30.

Perlman, David. "Rover Opportunity finds water evidence on Mars."
San Francisco Chronicle 2008 Aug. 30.

Casey, Michael. "Lights out? Experts fear fireflies are dwindling."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Aug. 30.

"Report: NASA studies extending shuttle to 2015."
Yahoo/AP 2008 Aug. 29.

"Quick-witted flies can 'detect swatter threat'"
CNN 2008 Aug. 29.

"NOAA Team Gives Look At Whaling Shipwrecks."
KITV-4 2008 Aug. 29.

Ganapati, Priya. Blog: "Bell Labs Kills Fundamental Physics Research."
Wired Magazine 2008 Aug. 27.

"NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Climbing Out of Victoria Crater."
NASA 2008 Aug. 26.

"NASA Renames Observatory For Fermi, Reveals Entire Gamma-Ray Sky."
NASA 2008 Aug. 26.

"Cows' compass is pure animal magnetism."
CNN/AP 2008 Aug. 26.

"Animal Chatter More Varied Than Thought."
Yahoo/ 2008 Aug. 26.

"NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis To Move To Launch Pad Saturday."
NASA 2008 Aug. 25.

Acocella, Joan. "The Forbidden World
Did a sixteenth-century heretic grasp the nature of the cosmos?"

The New Yorker Magazine 2008 Aug. 25.

"Giant atom-smashing experiment could alter our understanding of the universe."
The Canadian Press 2008 Aug. 23.

"NASA and ATK Investigate Failed Launch Of Hypersonic Experiments."
NASA 2008 Aug. 22.

"NASA Kennedy to Reopen for Normal Operations Friday."
NASA 2008 Aug. 21.

"Fay Delays NASA Kennedy Space Center Partial Reopening."
NASA 2008 Aug. 21.

Roach, John. "Ten ancient observatories spied from space."
MSNBC 2008 Aug. 20.

"NASA Kennedy Space Center Partly Reopens."
NASA 2008 Aug. 20.

"Space Station Provides Boost To High School Students In California."
NASA 2008 Aug. 20.

Garvey, Michael O. "Extraterrestrials invade Notre Dame: The truth is out there…in the library."
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Regarding debate over demotion of Pluto from planet status.

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"The lucky seven are, and the amounts they will received this year,
include: the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, $502,000; the
Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg, $139,000;
The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, $759,000;
Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, $465,000;
African American Museum in Philadelphia, $354,000; the
Everhart Museum in Scranton, $45,000; and the Mercer Museum
in Bucks County, $193,000."

"Cloaking device begins to see light of day."
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Response to:
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Philadelphia Inquirer 2008 July 28.

"Astronaut's son spending his fortune to fly."
CNN/AP 2008 July 31.
Richard Garriott will become the first child of an American astronaut to reach
outer space on Oct. 12. Sergei Volkov, son of former cosmonaut Alexander Volkov,
has been living on the International Space Station since April, Russia's
first second-generation space traveler; Richard Garriott and Sergei Volkov will
return to Earth together. Launching with Richard Garriott in a Russian Soyuz
spacecraft will be NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke, who credits Pittsburgh's original
Buhl Planetarium for his interest in becoming an astronaut. Mike Fincke will be
staying on the International Space Station for his second tour-of-duty,
for six months.

"NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended."
NASA/JPL 2008 July 31.

Blog: "Solar ‘Olympics’ eclipse watched from around the world."
Los Angeles Times On-Line 2008 Aug. 1.

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Total Solar Eclipse August 1 in Asia and Greenland
Partial Eclipse of the Sun in northern North America, Europe, also Middle East and Asia
Safe Way to View Solar Eclipse

"Partial Eclipse, Total Fun."
NASA 2008 July 29.
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McClelland, Clark C. "A past Space Shuttle ScO, admits ET's are Real.
And this ScO has seen them, himself with another witness!"
Stargate Chronicles 2008 July 29
< >.
Clark C. McClelland was an Astronomy instructor at Pittsburgh's original
Buhl Planetarium, for several years in the middle of the twentieth century.
Mr. McClelland strongly supports similar statements recently broadcast in a
British radio interview by former NASA Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who walked on
the Moon during the mission of Apollo 14. More information:
"Ex-Astronaut: Aliens Are Real and NASA Knows It."
FOX News 2008 July 24.

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Response from Franklin Institute President and CEO:
Wint, Dennis M. Letter-to-the-Editor:
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Author of "The Last Lecture."

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City Lights Are Obscuring Our Starry Nights."

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Also see support document from retired NASA employee.

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to U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL." 2008 July 19.

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What physics tells us about the energy crunch."

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UPI 2008 July 9.

"Funding secured for observatory."
BBC 2008 July 9
Funding for Jodrell Bank radio telescope in England.

"Pre-quake changes seen in rocks."
BBC 2008 July 9
Advances in predicting earthquakes.

"Armchair pilots striking Afghanistan by remote control."
CNN 2008 July 9.

"Woolly mammoth skeleton wows scientists."
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The New York Times 2008 July 3.
NASA’s nuts-and-bolts manager of the Apollo moon-landing program.

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UPI 2008 July 3.

"Ideas fly for getting wayward dolphins back to sea."
CNN/AP 2008 July 3.

"Mars Lander's Next Bake Test Could Be Its Last."
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"That's hot: Heat wave temps to soar."
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Scientists worry that a contest to send robotic rovers
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Central Pennsylvania state park recognized as among
the darkest anywhere in the eastern U.S.A.

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* "Clues from Homer classic help date 'Odyssey' slaughter."
CNN/AP 2008 June 24.
Experts use clues from star and sun positions cited by ancient Greek poet Homer.

* "Scientist: 'We're toast' if no action on global warming."
CNN/AP 2008 June 24.

* "Up close with the beautiful and the creepy-crawly."
CNN/AP 2008 June 24.
New "Audubon Insectarium" museum in New Oleans.

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NASA-JPL 2008 June 24.

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Yahoo/AP 2008 June 11.

* "Ex-planet gets namesakes."
CNN/AP 2008 June 11.

* "'Get Smart' gadgets actually exist."
CNN/AP 2008 June 11.

* "Mars lander faces biggest challenge so far."
CNN/AP 2008 June 10.

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NASA 2008 June 10.

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The New York Times 2008 June 6.
Three-week series begins on June 8 on the Discovery Channel

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CNN/AP 2008 June 5.

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CNN 2008 June 5.

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CNN/AP 2008 May 21.

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CNN 2008 May 9.

* "Environmental deal sets aside L.A.-sized tract."
CNN/AP 2008 May 8.

* "Endangered parrots born in captivity reproduce in wild."
CNN/AP 2008 May 4.

* "NASA delays Hubble mission to fix shuttle fuel tanks."
CNN/AP 2008 May 1.

* "Russia probes Soyuz capsule's perilous re-entry."
CNN/AP 2008 April 23.

* "NASA extends Saturn mission."
CNN/AP 2008 April 17.

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ABC 2008 April 19.

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Yahoo! News 2008 April 18.

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* "Maryland woman gives birth to rare quadruplets, 3 identical."
Yahoo! News 2008 April 17.

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Yahoo! News 2008 April 17.

* Rouvalis, Cristina. "New director of the Carnegie Museum of History faces
the challenge of keeping it competitive."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 April 16.

* Flagstaff first International Dark Sky City - 50 years ago April 15
Astronomy Picture of the Day 2008 April 16.

* "NASA Extends Cassini's Grand Tour of Saturn."
NASA 2008 April 15.

* "Yankees to hold ceremonial first pitch from space."
Scientific American Magazine On-Line 2008 April 15.

* "Pioneer spacecraft mystery may be laid to rest."
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 April 15.

* "California Has More Than 99% Chance Of A Big Earthquake WIthin 30 Years.*
Science Daily 2008 April 15.

* "Ancient Method, 'Black Gold Agriculture' May Revolutionize Farming,
Global Warming."

Science Daily 2008 April 15.

* "New NASA lunar institute opens its doors."
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 April 14.

* "Radiation Risks For Astronauts On A Mission To Mars."
Science Daily 2008 April 14

* "Sea Salt Worsens Coastal Air Pollution."
Science Daily 2008 April 14

* "Black-hole pioneer John Wheeler dies at 96."
MSNBC/AP 2008 April 14.

* Piran, Tsvi. "Bohdan's Impact on Our Understanding of Gamma-ray Bursts." 2008 April 13.

Huge Robot Exhibit To Prevent Display of Zeiss II Planetarium Projector

On 2008 April 9, Carnegie Science Center officials announced a new permanent
exhibit, "RoboWorld," will be installed in what was used as space for traveling exhibits
on the second floor of the Science Center. When completed, the exhibit "will be the
largest and most comprehensive robotics exhibit anywhere in the nation," said Science
Center Director Joanna Haas. The exhibit will include Carnegie Mellon University's
Robot Hall of Fame.

In 2002, Science Center officials had promised the City of Pittsburgh that some of this
second floor space, near the
Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium (now also known as the
Buhl Digital Dome)
, would be used for a "Final Frontier" exhibit, which would include
display of the historic Zeiss II Planetarium Projecctor,
the oldest, operable major planetarium projector in the world prior to its 2002
October dismantling. Also included in the "Final Frontier" exhibit was to be another original
Buhl Planetarium artifact, the large Mercator's Projection Map of the World, which was considered
the world's largest such map when first installed at the 1939-1940 World's Fair in
New York City.

The "Final Frontier" exhibit, which was not supposed to be dependent on the
proposed $90 million expansion project which was cancelled in May of 2003, has never
been developed. Nor has there been any word about the future of this proposed exhibit,
which was a major reason why the City of Pittsburgh permitted the Science Center to
remove the Zeiss II Planetarium Projecctor and the large
Mercator's Projection Map of the World from the original Buhl Planetarium building.
Now it seems this large, new, permanent robotics exhibit will preclude the ability to
install the "Final Frontier" exhibit next to the
Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium.

Friends of the Zeiss has always contended that the best place for the historic
Buhl Planetarium artifacts is the original Buhl Planetarium building, the only place
(due to custom-construction of the building) where the Zeiss II Planetarium Projecctor and the
10-inch Siderostat-type Refractor Telescope can be fully unitlized
to teach science to children visiting the Children's Museum.

* "Zeiss projector restoration."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2002 Dec. 30.
Regarding proposed "Final Frontier" exhibit.

* Walsh, Glenn A. "Science Center Space Lost for Display of Planetarium Artifacts."
Address. Pittsburgh City Council. 2008 April 29.
Prepared Text *** Large-Print Version

* Walsh, Glenn A. "Science Center Space Lost for Display of Planetarium Artifacts."
Address. Board of Directors, Allegheny Regional Asset District. 2008 April 28.
Prepared Text *** Large-Print Version

* Graham, Francis. " Science Center Space Lost for Display of Planetarium Artifacts."
Letter. To City and County Public Officials. 2008 April 24.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 April 19.
* Templeton,, David. "Robots coming to life in 2009 exhibit."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 April 10.
* Houser, Mark. "Roboworld could cement 'Burgh as robotics capital."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 10.
* Houser, Mark. "Robot exhibit coming to Carnegie Science Center."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review On-Line 2008 April 9.
* "Carnegie Science Center will open comprehensive robotics exhibition."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 7.
* Houser, Mark. "CMU at forefront in building thinking machines."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 6.
* "What is artificial intelligence?."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 6.
* "Will A.I. work lead to robots taking over the world?"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 6.
* Houser, Mark. "Robots do a little networking."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 April 9.

* Morelle, Rebecca. "'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig."
BBC 2008 April 9.

* Webb, Jason. "Smallest planet outside solar system found."
Scientific American Magazine On-Line/Reuters 2008 April 9.

* Shiga, David. "Powerful laser is 'brightest light in the universe'."
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 April 9.

* "Mobile T-Rays Ready To Go: Terahertz Device Offers Clear View Of Hidden Objects."
Science Daily 2008 April 9.

* "S. Korea's first astronaut blasts into space."
CNN/AP 2008 April 8.

* "Intel plans to tackle cosmic ray threat."
BBC 2008 April 8.

* "First Lungless Frog Discovered."
Science Daily 2008 April 8.

* "Prehistoric Cultures Were Hunting Whales At Least 3,000 Years Ago."
Science Daily 2008 April 8.

* "NOVA: Cracking the Maya Code"
To be aired on PBS (Pittsburgh: WQED-TV 13)
Tuesday, 2008 April 8, 8:00 p.m. EDST

* "Galileo legal process ticks over."
BBC 2008 April 7.
Regarding Galileo satellite-navigation system.

* "Navajo Nation likely to lose Internet service."
CNN/AP 2008 April 4.

* "Crescent Moon Alert."
NASA 2008 April 4.
Alert for evenings of April 6, 7, & 8.

* "CMU appoints new dean for College of Science."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 April 4.
* Schackner, Bill. "CMU names science dean."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line 2008 April 2.
New Dean, Fred Gilman, has been the Buhl Professor of Theoretical Physics since 1995.

* Jenniskens, P. "The Mother of All Meteor Storms." 2008 April 3.

* "NASA goes low-tech to fix high-tech problem."
CNN/AP 2008 April 3.

* "Unmanned ship docks at space station."
CNN/AP 2008 April 3.

* "Back to pencil and paper for 2010 census."
CNN/AP 2008 April 3.

* "Cuneiform clay tablet translated for the first time
University of Bristol, England 2008 March 31.
Tablet describes possible asteroid impact at Kofels, Austria in 1323 BCE.

* "Huge Meteorite Impact Found In UK -- Britain's Largest."
Science Daily 2008 March 31.

* Walsh, Glenn A. Letters-to-the-Editor:
"About my views." (Last letter of six letters on web page)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 March 29.
Response to letter-to-the-editor personal attack,
regarding both Carnegie Library and Buhl Planetarium,
published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on 2008 January 1.
Original, more detailed response was e-mailed to the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on 2008 January 5.

* Gutterman, Steve. "Moscow planetarium mired in dispute."
Yahoo! News/AP 2008 March 29.

* "Old Solar Cycle Returns."
NASA 2008 March 28.

* Linn, Virginia. "Center for Creative Play to close Monday."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line 2008 March 28.

* Lord, Rich. "Lights turned off tomorrow in global warming event."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line 2008 March 28.
" Earth Hour."

* "National Trust to classify sky above NSW."
The Age, Melbourne, Australia 2008 March 27.
To occur in conjunction with " Earth Hour."
Also see "Bay Street turning down the lights."

* Rosen, Jody. "Researchers Play Tune Recorded Before Edison."
The New York Times 2008 March 27.

* Minkel, JR. "Stern Steps Down as NASA Science Chief After Mars Budget Dustup."
Scientific American Magazine On-Line 2008 March 27.

* Gabrynowicz, Joanne Irene with the blog faculty.
"Haley Archive: Arthur C. Clarke August 1956 Letter on GPS, DBS, and more…"
Weblog: Res Communis 2008 March 27.

* "Crafty Tricks for Finding Moon Water."
NASA 2008 March 27.

* "Japan aims to launch paper plane in space."
CNN/AP 2008 March 27.

* "Space-tourism race starts to heat up."
CNN/AP 2008 March 26.

* "Fancy computers spell trouble for 2010 census."
CNN/AP 2008 March 26.

* "Shuttle makes night landing after 'two-week adventure'."
CNN/AP 2008 March 26.

* Klotz, Irene. "Space shuttle heads home to Florida."
Yahoo! News 2008 March 26.

* Woolls, Daniel. "Human ancestor fossil found in Europe."
Yahoo! News/AP 2008 March 26.

* "Shuttle crew prepares for landing."
CNN/AP 2008 March 25.

* Tytell, David. "Go See the Sun."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 March 25.
New sunspot group visible, when viewing the Sun SAFELY.

* "The Arthur C. Clarke Gamma Ray Burst." 2008 March 25.

* "NASA Deputy Administrator and Missouri Lt. Gov. Discuss
Benefits of Space Exploration at St. Louis Future Forum ."

NASA 2008 March 25.

* "Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses."
CNN/AP 2008 March 25.

* "Chemists Find New Important Contributor To Urban Smog."
Science Daily 2008 March 25.

* "'Suspended Animation' Induced In Mice With Sewer Gas: Effects Are Reversible."
Science Daily 2008 March 25.

* "Allegheny Observatory to offer tours, lectures."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 March 24.

* "Mixed signals from NASA about fate of Mars rover."
CNN/AP 2008 March 24.

* Rehmeyer, Julie J. "Sacred Geometry."
Science News Magazine Online 2008 March 22.

* Orselli, Paul. "Green Exhibit Design: An Interview with Tim McNeil."
Weblog: ExhibiTricks 2008 March 22.

* "Naked-eye Gamma Ray Burst."
NASA 2008 March 21.

* "Spring is Aurora Season."
NASA 2008 March 20.

* Beatty, Kelly. "What's Up with Titan's Spin?"
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 March 20.

* "Astronauts testing emergency repairs."
CNN/AP 2008 March 20.

* Mosher, Dave. "Scientists discover signs of ancient life on Mars."
MSNBC/ 2008 March 20.

* "NASA Mission Finds New Clues to Guide the Search for Life on Mars."
NASA/JPL 2008 March 20.

* "Mars, Earth And Moon From 'Unique Planetary Nursery'."
Science Daily 2008 March 20.

* "Skulls Of Modern Humans And Ancient Neanderthals Evolved
Differently Because Of Chance, Not Natural Selection."

Science Daily 2008 March 20.

* Goudarzi, Sara. "Methane Detected on Distant Planet for First Time."
National Geographic Magazine On-Line 2008 March 19.

* Dunn, Marcia. "Robot moved to perch outside NASA lab."
Boston Globe/AP 2008 March 19.

* "Italian Spots New Asteroid, Boattini's discovery closest rock to the Sun." 2008 March 19.

* Hidalgo Whitesides, Loretta. "Astronaut David Low Dies at Age 52."
Wired Magazine On-Line 2008 March 19.
Space Shuttle astronaut, native of Cleveland, dies of colon cancer.

* Zabarenko, Deborah. "Thickest, oldest Arctic ice melting, NASA finds."
The Globe and Mail, Toronto/Reuters 2008 March 19.

* Mick, Jason. Blog: "NASA Study: 15% Of America's Air Pollution Is From Asia."
Daily Tech 2008 March 19.

* "NASA Statement on the Death of Arthur C. Clarke."
PR Newswire 2008 March 19.

* "Obituary: Sir Arthur C Clarke."
BBC 2008 March 19.

* Goldman, Stuart. "Comet Hale-Bopp Still Lives."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 March 19.
Thomas Bopp, co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp,
was inspired by visits to Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium.

* "Gravity Waves Make Tornados."
NASA 2008 March 19.

* "The Vanishing Rings of Saturn."
NASA 2008 March 18.

* "Astronauts outfit robot with tool belt, cameras."
CNN/AP 2008 March 18.

* "Mummified dinosaur unearthed in North Dakota."
CNN/AP 2008 March 18.

* Heinrichs, Allison M. "Approaching 'high fire' thrills astronomers."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 March 18.

* "Lab workers casting telescope mirror for Pitt, CMU."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 March 17.

* Hamilton, Tyler. "Bay Street turning down the lights."
Toronto Star 2008 March 15.
Also see "Lights turned off tomorrow in global warming event."

* "Russian rocket fails to take US satellite into planned orbit."
Yahoo! News/AFP 2008 March 15.

* "Carnegie Science Center picks new chairman."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line/AP 2008 March 13.

* "Cassini testing for water on one of Saturn's moons."
CNN/AP 2008 March 12.

* "Shuttle crew checks for damage."
CNN/AP 2008 March 12.

* "Vietnam to launch first satellite."
CNN/AP 2008 March 12.

* "Women Drivers on Mars."
NASA 2008 March 12.

* "Signs of Brain Surgery Found in Ancient Greek Skull."
FOX News 2008 March 12.

* Chang, Alicia. "Cassini to Go Through Saturn Moon Plumes."
KYW-AM Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia/AP 2008 March 11.

* Dunn, Marcia. "Space Shuttle Endeavour Blasts Off."
Washington Post/AP 2008 March 11.

* Ray, C. Claiborne. "The Planet Club."
The New York Times 2008 March 11.

* "Woman to Be S.Korea's First Astronaut." 2008 March 11.

* "Endeavour crew set to lift off, assemble robot."
CNN/AP 2008 March 10.

* "NASA Selects Scientists and Investigations for Robotic Moon Mission."
NASA 2008 March 10.

* Tytell, David. "Large Binocular Telescope Sees First "Bino" Light."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 March 10.

* "'Quantum Logic Clock' Rivals Mercury Ion As World's Most Accurate Clock."
Science Daily 2008 March 10.

* "Finally, The 'Planet' In Planetary Nebulae?"
Science Daily 2008 March 10.

* "Colorful Idea Sparks Renewable Electricity From Painting Solar Cells."
Science Daily 2008 March 10.

* "Europe's rocket launches to space."
CNN/AP 2008 March 9.

* "Astronomers Capture Rare Video Of Meteor Falling To Earth; Hunt For Meteorite."
Science Daily 2008 March 8.

* Dunn, Marcia. "Astronauts will assemble robot in space."
Yahoo! News/AP 2008 March 8.

* Malik, Tariq. "Europe's 'Jules Verne' Cargo Ship to Launch Tonight."
Yahoo! News/ 2008 March 8.

* Harwood, William. "NASA set to begin counting down for Endeavour launch." 2008 March 7.

* "Dark Halos Discovered on Mercury."
NASA 2008 March 7.

* "Alpha Centauri Should Harbor Detectable, Earth-like Planets."
Science Daily 2008 March 7.

* Gefter, Amanda. "Dark energy may just be a cosmic illusion,"
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 March 7.

* "Scientists spot white killer whale off Alaska."
CNN/AP 2008 March 7.

* "Satellite shows Saturn moon might have rings."
CNN/AP 2008 March 6.

* "Saturn's Moon Rhea Also May Have Rings."
NASA 2008 March 6.

* "Auroras in Broad Daylight."
NASA 2008 March 6.

* "World's largest optical telescope operating in Arizona, 1st images released." 2008 March 6.

* "Possibly Once-habitable Ancient Martian Lake Discovered."
Science Daily 2008 March 6.

* "Mars And Venus Are Surprisingly Similar."
Science Daily 2008 March 6.

* "Linus Pauling Honored with USPS Stamp."
Caltech Today 2008 March 6.

* Trujillo, Melissa. "1888 photo depicts Helen Keller, teacher."
Yahoo! News/AP 2008 March 6.

* Duff, Mark. "Italy row over Galileo's remains."
BBC 2008 March 5.

* "World's first six-legged octopus discovered."
CNN 2008 March 4.

* "Avalanches on Mars."
NASA 2008 March 3.

* Kalsnes, Lynette. "Legislation Hits Field Trips."
WBEZ-FM Chicago Public Radio 2008 March 3.

* Overbye, Dennis. "Please Call Earth. We Still Haven’t Found You."
The New York Times 2008 March 2.

* Kamenev, Marina. "No Stars in Their Eyes, Moscow Planetarium is under threat."
The Moscow Times 2008 Feb. 29.

* "A brief history of Hawking." 2008 Feb. 29.

* Hasegawa, Kyoko. "Japanese scientists eye new planet" in our Solar System.
Yahoo! News/Agence France Presse 2008 Feb. 28.

* Hsu, Jeremy. "NASA plans to smash spacecraft into the moon."
MSNBC/ 2008 Feb. 27.

* "Treasure hunters dig for Hitler's gold."
CNN 2008 Feb. 27.

* "Bats Use Magnetic Substance As Internal Compass To Help Them Navigate."
Science Daily 2008 Feb. 27.

* "'Doomsday' seed vault opens in Norway."
CNN 2008 Feb. 26.

* "Storms, shifting sands give Oregon new look at history."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 26.

* "Studies Warn Of Mercury Risk In Energy-Saving Bulbs."
WCVB-TV 5 Boston 2008 Feb. 26.

* "How the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are affected by carbon monoxide." 2008 Feb. 26.

* NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission STS 122 Updates Click Here --
Mission STS 122 commanded by Pittsburgh-area native Stephen N. Frick, who was inspired by
Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science.

* 2008 Feb. - Recent News of Controversy Regarding "Bodies...the Exhibition"
at The Carnegie Science Center,

Including claims of use of bodies of Chinese political prisoners
by the ABC-TV news show "20/20."

* Taylor, G. Jeffrey. "Compositional Balancing Before Moon Formation."
Abstract. Planetary Science Research Discoveries 2008 Feb. 22.

* Didebulidze, G.G., G. Sh. Javakhishvili, M. A. Marsagishvili, M. Todua.
"About the annual distribution of magnetically disturbed cloudless
days and nights over Abastumani (41.75N, 42.82E)."

Abstract. Planetary Science Research Discoveries 2008 Feb. 22.

* Heinrichs, Allison M. "CMU in race to put rover on the moon."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Feb. 22.

* "Ulysses Mission On Sun And Stars Coming To A Cold Quiet End."
Science Daily 2008 Feb. 22.

* Kolbay, Brendan. "Satellites spot lost Maya temples."
MSNBC 2008 Feb. 21.

* "Do They Make Barf Bags For Fish?"
CBS/AP 2008 Feb. 21.

* Dunn, Marcia. "NASA savors Atlantis' return from 13-day mission."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/AP 2008 Feb. 21.

* "Navy missile hits dying spy satellite on first attempt."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/AP 2008 Feb. 21.

* Burns, Robert. "Missile Hits Dying US Spy Satellite."
Washington Post/AP 2008 Feb. 21.

* Anderson, Chris. "Dreadful Science Fair Exhibits."
Wired Magazine Blog 2008 Feb. 20.

* "Who's Orbiting the Moon?"
NASA 2008 Feb. 20.

* Overbye, Dennis. "Long Nights, 90 Below. What More Could Astronomers Want?"
The New York Times 2008 Feb. 19.

* "GLOBE at Night 2008 Builds Wider Networks as Big Step Toward IYA 2009."
National Optical Astronomy Observatory 2008 Feb. 18.

* Day, Dwayne A. "Spysat down!"
The Space Review 2008 Feb. 18.

* Rothstein, Edward. "Planetarium Review, Looking at the Stars From Angles Old and New."
The New York Times 2008 Feb. 16.
Regarding Adler Planetarium, Chicago.

* McCoy, Adrian. "Science center laser shows now high-def."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Feb. 15.
Regarding $500,000 upgrade to laser-light concerts and
$206,000 upgrade to Observatory and Planetarium lobby (not
including display of Zeiss II Planetarium Projector or large
Mercator's Projection Map of the World!).

* Potter, Ned. "U.S. to Shoot Down Its Own Spy Satellite."
ABC 2008 Feb. 14.

* Roos, Matts. "Expansion of the Universe - Standard Big Bang Model." 2008 Feb. 14.

* Keys, David. "Giant Mound Is Like an Underground Stonehenge."
Discover Magazine On-Line 2008 Feb. 13.

* "Total Lunar Eclipse." Wednesday Evening, February 20
NASA 2008 Feb. 13.

* Ju, Anne. "Proposed Carl Sagan commemorative stamps unveiled at Ithaca Sciencenter."
Cornell University Chronicle 2008 Feb. 12.

* Schwartz, John. "Robert Jastrow, Who Made Space Understandable, Dies at 82."
The New York Times 2008 Feb. 12.

* Rincon, Paul. "Astronomers given Gemini reprieve."
BBC 2008 Feb. 12.

* Popescu, Roxana. "No Child Outside the Classroom."
Newsweek Magazine 2008 Feb. 11.

* WQED-TV 13 TUESDAY, FEBRURARY 12, 2008, 8:00 p.m. --
NOVA: "Astrospies."
PBS 2008 Feb. 8.

* Carey, John. "Making Science a Presidential Priority."
Business Week Magazine 2008 Feb. 8.

* Space Shuttle Atlantis Launched 2008 Feb. 7, 2:45:31 p.m. EST,
commanded by Pittsburgh-area native Stephen N. Frick, who was inspired by
Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science --
** Zapadka, Pete. "Space shuttle commanded by Richland grad lifts off."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line 2008 Feb. 7.
** "NASA was anxious to get Atlantis flying."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/AP 2008 Feb. 8.

* Space Shuttle Atlantis Launched 2008 Feb. 7, 2:45:31 p.m. EST,
commanded by Pittsburgh-area native Stephen N. Frick, who was inspired by
Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science --
** Zapadka, Pete. "Space shuttle commanded by Richland grad lifts off."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line 2008 Feb. 7.
** "Shuttle Atlantis blasts off after lengthy delay."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review On-Line/AP 2008 Feb. 7.

* "Extremophile Hunt Begins."
NASA 2008 Feb. 7.

* Templeton, David. "CMU moon rover team attracts Mars landing veteran."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Feb. 5.

* Smydo, Joe. "City considering sci-tech school at science center."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Feb. 5.

* Bowman, Michael. "NASA: Bad Weather Could Delay Shuttle Launch."
Voice of America 2008 Feb. 5.

* Klotz, Irene. "NASA optimistic about Thursday shuttle liftoff."
MSNBC/Reuters 2008 Feb. 5.

* "Bigelow, Lockheed Martin in rocket talks."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 5.

* "Communing without nature."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 5.

* "Astronomers vie to make biggest telescope."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 4.

* Noble Howe, Thomas. "A New Way Forward for U.S. Museums."
Weblog: 2008 Feb. 4.

* "Phil sees shadow in front of record crowd."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette On-Line/AP 2008 Feb. 2.
Pennsylvania Groundhog, "Punxsutawney Phil," predicts 6 more weeks of Winter,
part of German custom during the traditional Astronomical Cross-Quarter Day of Candlemas.

* Dunn, Marcia. "Columbia shuttle disaster marked, NASA honors 7 on 5th anniversary."
Boston Globe/AP 2008 Feb. 2.

* "Nova Finding Challenges Thinking On Powerful Stellar Explosions ."
Science Daily 2008 Feb. 2.

* Beatty, Kelly. "Mercury's "Better Half."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line/AP 2008 Feb. 1.

* "NASA to beam Beatles song to North Star."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 1.

* "U.S. stance on climate change shifting, conference delegates say."
CNN/AP 2008 Feb. 1.

* "Celebrity chicken lays green eggs."
BBC 2008 Jan. 30.
( History of Buhl Planetarium's Chick-Hatching Exhibit)

* "Venus and Jupiter Converge!"
NASA Science News 2008 Jan. 29.

* "Asteroid makes close Earth pass
An asteroid some 250m (600ft) across has swept past the Earth."

BBC 2008 Jan. 29.

* Major Holmes, Sue. "Researcher: Asteroid that hit Russia a hundred years ago
was smaller than once thought." 2008 Jan. 29.

* " Sedentary Lifestyles Associated With Accelerated Aging Process."
Science Daily 2008 Jan. 29.

* Beatty, Kelly. "A Stardust-Free Comet."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 28.

* Sullivan, Eileen. "Broken satellite falling from orbit."
Fort Worth Star-Telegram/AP 2008 Jan. 27.

* Amos, Jonathan. "Skies dim for British astronomers."
BBC 2008 Jan. 26.

* Brumfiel, Geoff. "SpaceShip Two unveiled."
Nature Journal On-Line 2008 Jan. 25.

* Shaughnessy, Larry. "Double amputee walks again due to Bluetooth."
CNN 2008 Jan. 25.

* "NASA: Mars 'Humanoid Figure' Is Tiny Wind-Blown Rock."
FOX News 2008 Jan. 25.

* Flanders, Tony. "Here Comes Asteroid 2007 TU24."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 25.

* "NASA Scientists Get First Images of Earth Flyby Asteroid."
NASA/JPL 2008 Jan. 25.

* McKee, Maggie. "Largest asteroid to come near Earth in 22 years."
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 24.

* "Survey: No astronaut ever seen drunk on launch day."
CNN 2008 Jan. 23.

* Fienberg, Rick. "Telescope Truce."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 23.

* "Biofuels may threaten environment, U.N. warns."
CNN/AP 2008 Jan. 23.

* "Mercury Flyby Sets Stage for New Discoveries."
NASA 2008 Jan. 21.

* Borenstein, Seth. "NASA moon rocket may shake too much."
Yahoo! News/AP 2008 Jan. 19.

* "Math Models Snowflakes In Extraordinary Detail."
Science Daily 2008 Jan. 18.

* "Transparent toaster invented." 2008 Jan. 18

* Moskowitz, Clara. "New Contact Lenses Go Bionic." 2008 Jan. 18.

* "International Workshop 60 years of Casimir effect." 2008 Jan.

* Roylance, Frank D. "Mercury, twice in a lifetime,
A scientist from the '70s mission gets a better look."
The Sun, Baltimore 2008 Jan. 18.

* Hsu, Jeremy. "Moonwalker Film to Raise Funds for Apollo Memorial." 2008 Jan. 18.

* News Release: "Public Invited to Celebrate Anniversary of Explorer 1."
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2008 Jan. 17.

* "High school students discover asteroid." 2008 Jan. 17.

* "Radical New Lab Fights Disease using Satellites."
NASA. 2008 Jan. 16.

* Highfield, Roger. "How to live forever."
:The Telegraph, London 2008 Jan. 14.

* "Ulysses Flyby of the Sun's North Pole."
NASA. 2008 Jan. 14.

* Brown, Angela K. "Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO."
Yahoo! News. 2008 Jan. 14.

* LATE Wednesday Night/EARLY Thursday Morning, January 16-17, 2008 -
Former Buhl Planetarium Curator James J. Mullaney will be interviewed
on the nationally-syndicated, overnight radio program, Coast to Coast AM
LATE Wednesday Night/EARLY Thursday Morning, January 16-17, 2008,
which begins at 1:00 a.m. EST (interview will probably occur 2:00 to 5:00 a.m.).
In Pittsburgh, the interview can be heard on WPGB-FM 104.7 MHZ and WPTT-AM 1360 KHZ.
Additionally, you can scan the AM radio dial at night and find the program on numerous
out-of-town AM radio stations from cities such as Charlotte, Richmond, Cleveland
Des Moines, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Albany, Louisville, and Youngstown.
More Details.

* "ISS changes orbit for spacecraft docking.' 2008 Jan. 12.

* Templeton, David. Pitt, CMU to help develop largest survey telescope
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2008 Jan. 12.

* "Asteroid probably won't hit Mars, scientists say."
CNN/AP 2008 Jan. 11.

* Schilling, Govert. The mystery of Planet X
New Scientist Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 11.

* "Sciencedebate2008
A Call for a Presidential Debate on Science and Technology"

Sciencedebate2008 2008 Jan. 11.

* 2009 - 400th Anniversary of Astronomical Telescope
and The International Year of Astronomy 2009

* Dunn, Marcia. NASA aims for February shuttle launch
The Boston Globe/AP 2008 Jan. 11.

* Deutsch, Linda. Court nixes NASA background checks
The Boston Globe/AP 2008 Jan. 11.

* Pyle, Richard. "NYC Cloning Historical Trees for Future." 2008 Jan. 11.

* Fienberg, Rick. "Stars in the Middle of Nowhere."
Sky and Telescope Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 10.

* LEMONICK, MICHAEL D. "Did Insects Kill the Dinosaurs?."
Time Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 10.

* "Solar Cycle 24 Begins."
NASA Science News 2008 Jan. 10.

* Heinrichs, Allison M. "CMU joins super-telescope team."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2008 Jan. 9: 1.

* News Release: "Mrs. Laura Bush to Present Top Library and Museum Awards
at January 14th White House Ceremony."

Institute of Museum and Library Services 2008 Jan. 9.

* "Nova: Absolute Zero
The Story of the Harnessing of Cold and the Race
to Reach the Lowest Temperature Possible"--Airs 2008 Jan. 8 to 15.

Public Broadcasting Service 2008 Jan. 8.

* Hand, Eric. "Heading for Mercury."
Nature Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 8.

* Edwards, Steven. "Russian academic claims lead in race to Mars."
CanWest News Service 2008 Jan. 8.

* Shiga, David. "Upgraded Hubble telescope to be 90 times as powerful." news service 2008 Jan. 8.

* Kinoshita, Laura. "New Risk to Earth Found in Supernova Explosions." 2008 Jan. 8.

* Loft, Kurt. "Astronomer Taught Students To Reach For The Stars."
The Tampa Tribune 2008 Jan. 8.

* Lawrie, Alan and Pearlman, Robert.
"How Tennis Shoes and Tug-of-War Toppled the Mighty Saturn V." 2008 Jan. 7.

* "China set to launch manned space mission in 2008."
Russian Information Agency Novosti 2008 Jan. 7

* Mckee, Maggie. "'Maverick' sunspot heralds new solar cycle." 2008 Jan. 7.

* "Polaroid back to its roots with tiny printer.'
CNN/AP 2008 Jan. 7.

* Full-Dome Video Upgrade for Planetarium at
Swedish Museum of Natural History

Global Immersion Company, West Sussex, UK 2008 Jan. 7

* Taylor, G. J. "Chips Off an Old Lava Flow."
Planetary Science Research Discoveries 2007 December.

* Orselli, Paul. "Sustainable Museums. What happened to COSI Toledo?" 2008 Jan. 5.

* "More delays for shuttle Atlantis."
CNN/AP 2008 Jan. 4.

* Shiga, David. "Possible Mars impact highlights risk to Earth." 2008 Jan. 4.

* "Stardust shows comet formed close to sun."
UPI 2008 Jan. 4.

* Rotstein, Arthur H. "Microsoft Bigwigs Donate to Telescope." 2008 Jan. 4.

* Curet, Monique. "Wendy's throws in the towel Downtown" (Columbus, Ohio)
The Columbus Dispatch 2008 Jan. 4.
First Wendy's restaurant, also located in Downtown Columbus across the street from
original site of the Center of Science and Industry, closed in early 2007.
Also see 2007 articles.

* Mortice, Zach and Ostroff, Tracy. "2008 Honor Awards for Architecture."
AIArchitect On-Line 2008 Jan. 4.

* Future of Vatican Observatory disputed:
Glatz, Carol. "Vatican astronomers to move to bigger, more modern facilities."
Catholic News Service 2007 Dec. 21.
Popham, Peter. "Science bows to theology as the Pope dismantles Vatican observatory."
The Independent, London 2008 Jan. 4.

* Nordgren, Tyler. "Stars Above, Earth Below
Astronomy and Space Exploration in America's National Parks."

The Planetary Society 2008 Jan. 3.

* "SpaceDev to Develop Payload for International Lunar Observatory." 2008 Jan. 2.

* "Time Enough for Planet Formation."
Scientific American Magazine On-Line 2008 Jan. 2.

* "SETI@home ramps up to analyze more data in search of extraterrestrial intelligence."
PHYSORG.COM 2008 Jan. 2.

* "Lack Of Deep Sleep May Increase Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes." 2008 Jan. 2.

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